Talent Acquisition
We help you source and shortlist high performing candidates that
are a right fit to your organization's culture. This reduces the time and cost per hire.


Talent Acquisition Planning & Strategy
More than just recruiting

It involves:-

  • Recruitment: which is the sourcing, shortlisting and selection of high performing candidates who are a fit to your organization.
  • Employer Branding: which includes processes that help to differentiate and articulate an organization's image, reputation, culture,  and products and services. Employment branding ensures an organization gains competitive advantage through attracting quality candidates.
  • Analytics: which is using key metrics to determine factors that lead to high performance in your organization through the talent acquisition process.

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Performance Management
We use tools such as the Balanced Scorecard to review and monitor employees'
work objectives ensuring they contribute to the business objectives.


Strategy Mapping
Ensuring high performance through individual and departmental objectives

The balanced scorecard takes four different business perspectives into account in order to understand and achieve your organizational objectives
● Financial;
● Customer;
● Internal business processes; and
● Organisational learning and growth.

The scorecard is flexible and adaptable to be used in the achievement of different objectives. Whether for commercial
organisations to gain profits or NGOsthat are driven by commitment to a particular cause.

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Employee Engagement
We equip organizations with engagement practices to keep employees informed,
involved, inspired and motivated.


Enabling employees to go the extra mile

We help you design and implement engagement strategies. Engaged employees will stay in the organization through hard times, put in extra effort, be committed to development, , strengthen your relationships with your clients and support strategic change.

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Career & Leadership Development
We are able to provide diverse training solutions to tackle non performance,
and also professional and personal development.


Enabling organizations to keep up with the dynamic global environment

Effective employee learning and development is a strategic necessity for any organization. Leadership development is an organization’s most effective tool to advance an ambitious strategic agenda.
We offer a specialized and customized programs to help your employees keep up with today's dynamic and highly competitive global environment.

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Total Rewards Planning and Management
For organizations that are seeking to develop a reward strategy which contributes to your HR
and business objectives, and those that require a customized bonus plan
that truly inspires employees to be high performers – we can help.



Returns of Employment
Giving the employees what they value

We help you plan:-
● Total Reward and Employer Brand strategies
● Benefits packages
● Job Evaluation systems
● Salary Benchmarking and Remuneration strategies
● Pay and grading structures
●Equal Pay Audits

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Employee Surveys
Employee surveys help in measuring the impact of current hr policies and procedures
that affect the employees' work performance. They also help in identifying areas
of improvement in the work environment.


Employee Opinions
Translating Feedback into meaningful action

Whether it's a baseline study which is done at the beginning of a project to determine the current status of a population before the project is rolled out or other employee opinion surveys that increase engagement, we help you ask the right questions and translate the feedback into meaningful action.

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HR Policies & Procedures
We help you develop policies and procedures that provide guidance for handling employees
in all situations while complying to legal requirements.


Providing clear expectations, methods and responsibilities

Apart form guiding managers and employees, clear and well-documented policies and procedures serve as tangible evidence that the organization has taken the required actions to minimize business risks and illegal practice or behavior.
We help you develop a comprehensive HR policy and procedure manual/employee handbook. Examples of important policies and procedures are:-

● Grievance
● Equal Employment Opportunity
● Drug and alcohol
● Anti-harassment
● Anti-bullying
● Use of email, internet and social media
● Occupational health and safety
● Code of conduct
● Leave provisions (including personal, bereavement/compassionate, annual, parental and long service leave)

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Corporate Solutions
We organize corporate team building and provide culture change management change.


Transforming People
Providing environments where employees give their best

Team Building: we organize events are designed to put employees into environments outside of the office, where the atmosphere is fun and casual and enables them to work together to add to the effectiveness of the team building activities and exercises.
Culture Change Management: Corporate culture is at the heart of competitive advantage, it is the hardest thing for competitors to copy. Whether the change involves faster product development, digitization, or a systematic lowering of costs, we enable culture change by mapping vision, values and behaviour to encompass the desired organizational change.

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