April 12, 2016
Maryann Kiburi

How To Answer Behavioral Interview Questions

Every time you walk in an interview room, you want it to be your last. You want to emerge the best and hopefully be the most outstanding candidate. You want to have the deliverables that the interviewer is looking for. The question is…. how do I assure the interviewer that I am the best fit for the role?

March 23, 2016

Ask HiariBora: What Employment Records is a Company Expected to Keep in Kenya

Hi HiariBora,
What records of employment is a company required to keep and how long should we keep such records?

February 28, 2016
Maryann Kiburi

Talent Management through Succession Planning

Succession Planning is the process by which an organization identifies managers and develops its people now and in the future. Management takes initiative to identify and determine the organization’s needs and match the needs with human resources needs. This is to ensure that the organization acquires the best talent from …

February 16, 2016